domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010

The Apprentice: Los Angeles

Compete for a dream job with Donald Trump in this innovative twist on time management games! Test your skills in four iconic LA settings, each with its own gameplay style. It's like having four games in one! You'll prepare food, manage your assistants and control your inventory, all the while serving your customers as efficiently as possible. Then battle it out in the boardroom against other contestants to see who gets fired first! It's the perfect game for casual gamers and Apprentice fans alike!

sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Eden's Destiny [BETA]

Enter a world of magic, fairies and potions in Eden's Destiny, an imaginative resource and time management game. To save your world, you must restore five magical gardens by planting flowers, whacking annoying pests, collecting blossoms and making potions, completing quests and gaining 5 magical gems that will open the Gates of Inspiration. Will you successfully manage your garden and put an end to the ancient curse forever?

60 quests to complete
15 potions available to blend and sell
3 magic potions can be used in the garden


sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2010


Experience the sheen of diamond rings and the bold of solid gold. Build a brilliant career as Elly, a young girl, in the luxury business. She`s her father`s last hope to branch the family business into a mega Jewelry Center. The events of Elly`s life develop as you progress through this Time Management business. Meet an eclectic mix of personalities and even an attractive prince who steals Elly`s heart. Levels in Jewelleria include a Souvenirs Sale, St. Valentine`s Day, and carats full of bliss.

Anna's Ice Cream


Create an ice cream paradise and challenge your entrepreneurial skills in this charming and fast paced game! Make delicious ice cream in a large assortment of flavors, toppings and decorations, and serve many different customers with a variety of personalities. Blend new ice cream flavors in the mini-game and upgrade your ice cream bar to make your customers happier and increase your profits. Be charmed by this captivating game of crazy ice cream making fun!

50 levels of ice cream making fun
Two challenging gaming modes and three difficulty levels to master
Blend new ice cream flavors in the mini-game
Win awesome trophies and collect golden ice creams

Island – The Lost Medallion [FINAL]


Hidden Object Mania [FINAL]



Big City Adventure - Vancouver [FINAL]


quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Nick Chase 2: The Deadly Diamond [FINAL]

Nick Chase, a hard-boiled Private Investigator, is in need of a job. The story continues to a local tavern, what happens there well... Solve a variety of puzzles and find hidden clues to uncover the mystery.
* Beautiful hand-drawn scenes* Exciting film noir setting* Unique puzzles to solve



Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers [FINAL]

Help Fiona win The Finest Flowers gardening contest! Plant flowers in beautiful gardens in various locations. Cross flowers to discover 50 colorful new species. Sell flowers, then buy fruit trees and process your harvest using machines. Optionally accept orders and deliver goods before the timer expires, for fast income. Use Fiona's special skills to make growing flowers, selling goods, and completing orders a breeze. After you complete 'Fiona's Story', by winning the contest, continue playing in Free Gardening mode!


quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

Val Gor Dark Lord of Magic


A Secret group of dark magicians have come back to life. Their evil leader, Lord Val`Gor, has started making changes to the world. These changes are documented with pictures, and you must search each one to find the differences. Be cautious, some pictures are cursed to delay your search... expect the unexpected.


Wind Boxes


Windboxes is an amazing and challenging arcade-puzzle-game for all ages. You'll be surprised by its unique gameplay and the new ideas and features it comes with. Play through 55 levels in story-mode and use items during gameplay. For quick play, simply try to beat the highscore in arcade-mode. The game features five themes with different graphics and music.


terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

Alice's Tea Cup Madness [FINAL]

Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole! After landing in a nonsensical yet familiar world of wonder, she must earn her ticket home by prepping and serving tea to whimsical characters in various tea shops across the land. To succeed she must please impatient patrons like The Hatter and keep the crazy Cheshire Cat from disrupting her customers and stealing their orders. Will Alice keep her customers happy and earn enough tips to get home?

8 fun-loving characters to serve based on Lewis Carroll's beloved classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Over 35 food upgrades for more pastry and tea options
More than 30 tea house upgrades

The Treasures of Mystery Island Deluxe [PORT]

Explore uma estranha ilha repleta de diversão e de caça objetos em The Treasures of Mystery Island Deluxe. Ajude o piloto Alex a localizar os objetos e colocá-los de volta aos seus lugares. Cada instigante capítulo aproxima Alex de sua casa e também do desfecho que desvendará os segredos da ilha misteriosa. Junte-se a Alex na aventura de sua vida em The Treasures of Mystery Island Deluxe!

domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

Around the World in 80 Days: Phileas Fogg

British gentleman, Phileas Fogg, is taking off on a round-the-world adventure. Along for the ride is his French servant, Jean Passepartout. But Fix, a police inspector, is keeping a close eye on the travelers, as they are suspects in the robbery of the Bank of England! To help Fogg make it around the world- and thereby win a bet- you will need to be courageous, clever, and ever observant! Elude Fix’s traps, find your way through the jungle, and prove to your opponents that you will not lose this bet!