quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2009

Heroes Of Hellas 2 Olympia



Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis

Archaeologist Samantha Swift travels the globe searching for the lost tribes of Atlantis. The descendants of the lost city have spread out over the globe and each one holds a special key that, when brought together, can tune into the Senses and unite the tribal elders with the spirit world. But, Sam isn't the only one on the lookout for the mystical artifact.

Jane Angel Templar Mystery

Jane Angel, an FBI agent and an art expert, is investigating the Holy Grail! Follow the clues and find this priceless treasure! Where could the Holy Grail be found nowadays? Was it brought to Colombia by Columbus under the Red Templar’s Cross on his sails? Was it buried under Roslyn Chapel in Scottish Mountains? Are Maltese Knights, Hospitaller considered to be the keepers of the Holy Grail? Discover the truth in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery, a gorgeous Hidden Object game.

Jewel Quest Heritage

Jewel Quest 4 Legend of the Golden Jewel Board

Hit the trail with Rupert on a journey through the shrines and castles of Hernan Cortes' lore. Swap jewels and collect puzzle pieces to unravel a perplexing web of family history. With over 170 new Jewel Boards, including 3 jewel-swapping modes, new surprises await in every level.

Glow Worm

Let nature and fun take their course as you match glow worms to change them into beautiful fireflies. Then match fireflies to release them from the board. Let Glow Worm brighten your day!

Burger Shop 2 Deluxe [PORT]

Faça muito mais que hambúrgueres em Burger Shop 2 Deluxe, a sequência do arcade de sucesso. Sirva todos os itens do cardápio, conquiste novos clientes e descubra o verdadeiro passado de sua rede de restaurantes em mais de 100 fases divertidas. Divirta-se com mais de 100 receitas, troféus especiais e quatro modos de jogo. Saboreie o Burger Shop 2 Deluxe hoje mesmo!


Rainbow Ruffle

While away the hours with this atmospheric puzzler. Rainbow segments get beamed down by the sun avatar, and it's up to you to rotate these pieces so the screen doesn't fill up. Create long, colorful loops as you listen to the relaxing music and make your way through all 30 levels of Rainbow Ruffle.

Jingle Ball [Brick Shooter]

Grab your eggnog, turn on the holiday lights, and get into the spirit of the season with this fun and challenging holiday game. Bobble-breaking action awaits you as you smash your way through tons of levels, all while collecting presents, grabbing coins, and eating fruitcake. Start your holiday fun with Jingle Ball!