terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2009

Rider's World: I Want to Jump

Gallop with your horse at high speed on 20 fascinating race tracks in 5 countries! Catch the “Carrot Power Ups” on the tracks for ultra-fast acceleration and leave your competition in a cloud of dust! But be careful, don’t get stuck on the obstacles and loose time! The fantastic graphics, the great music soundtrack and the opportunity to play with friends  or family members in multiplayer mode via split screen, makes this arcace game perfect fun for everyone!

Little Folk Of Faery

Nestled within an old tree, in an abandoned curiosity shop, the Little Folk await you. The enchanted world of Faery needs you to restore the fragile balance which was shattered! Discover a small village of fairy creatures and embark on a fascinating adventure where you will help the inhabitants to restore their world. What is behind the mysterious, omnipresent mist? What secret lies behind the nostalgic creatures who are now roaming the place?
With the help of a fairy, solve these mysteries through numerous quests and restore your shop's splendour of old. Gather and collecthidden runes in the landscape, help dryads plant a tree, organize a banquet to attract lost leprechauns, repair the ruins... many tasks are awaiting you!

Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal

Murder, scandal and your first big break! You're a young, aspiring reporter in the 1920's looking for a scoop. When you stumble upon a scandalous celebrity murder and the framing of an innocent man, it is up to you to search for hidden clues, locate missing objects and uncover enough evidence to solve the murder. Can you crack the story and finally be recognized as a top investigative reporter?

HdO Adventure Frankenstein

As we enter Frankenstein The Dismembered Bride, Brad is trying to get back together with Janet...No wait, Brad is trying to get Janet back together...

Let me start over. Brad is looking for his fiancee, Janet, who disappeared a few months ago. His quest leads him to Bavaria, where his car breaks down near a spooky old manor. Brad discovers that the house is owned by a weird scientist - Lord Albrecht von Frankenstein - and Janet has been his latest "experiment". She's still alive, but her body has been dismembered, and all the parts have been scattered throughout the house. Brad has to find them, and all the missing pieces of the dreaded machine that will restore Janet's life and limbs.

Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 9.0


Dynomite Deluxe

fun! Use your slingshot to match three or more dino eggs of the same color... and watch them explode! Can you blast all the eggs before Mama Brontosaurus tramples your game? Dynomite features enhanced 3d graphics and a dynamic soundtrack. Play four exciting game modes: Endless, Stomped, Fossil, and Time Trial!

Emo`s MatchMaker

So, you want to play the Game of Love? This family-friendly matching game is the perfect fit! While matching kaleidoscopic hearts, try your hand at matching up Emos, too. From the bummed out blue ones to the love-struck, they all want a match. Will your little Hemos and Shemos live happily ever after? See how many happy pairs you can make in Emo's MatchMaker!