quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2009

Hyperballoid Golden Pack

Hyperballoid: Golden Pack is an addictive brick-buster crammed with a staggering 1,000 levels and 25 bonuses. To defeat some of the most mind-bending stages ever created for a 2D Brick Buster game, all you'll need is the ability to slide a paddle across the bottom of your screen and hit balls toward moving targets using your mouse. Featuring stunning graphics, slick techno music and outrageous power-ups, Hyperballoid: Golden Pack will satisfy your cravings for arcade thrills.

Super Candy Cruncher

 Check out the fast and furious game play in Candy Cruncher. Only a master Cruncher can eat candy while avoiding the Dreaded Black Jellybeans!

Compulsive Solitaire

The perfect game for card players who just can't get enough, Compulsive Solitaire features over 25 classic games. For players who like a simple break, there's Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider. For those looking for a real challenge, there's Accordion, Double Scorpion, and Streets & Alleys. Fully customizable, and featuring rich graphics and sounds, this is one solitaire game you'll come back to again and again.

Compulsive Solitaire Full Version Features
* Unlimited Play
* Over 25 Classic Solitaire Games
* Beautiful Full Screen Display
* Customize Your Deck, Playing Surface, Even the Rules!
* Easy, Hard, and Timed Games
* Detailed Instructions for Each Game

Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA
266 MHz
DirectX 7.0


FATE The Carnivale Game

Step right up and test your wits in FATE: The Carnivàle Game™. Based on the hit HBO® series Carnivàle(SM), FATE™ is a beautifully moody solitaire game played with Tarot cards. Choose from three bizarre carnie characters and challenge the Fortune Teller to a Tarot duel. Victory will grant you new cards that enhance your deck and reveal the dark secrets of your character's past and future. With evocative narrative scenes, rich period graphics, and an entire deck of Tarot cards to play with, FATE: The Carnivàle Game™ is squarely in your future.

Alexandra Fortune: Mystery Of The Lunar Archipelago

Adventure has a new name: Alexandra Fortune! Join this whip smart young lady as she sets out to find her missing grandfather and unravel the mystery of the Lunar Archipelago, a cluster of islands that contains remnants of every great civilization throughout history and hides a treasure of unimaginable worth. As you guide Alexandra and her friend Jay through this thrilling hidden object quest, you'll solve ingenious puzzles, enjoy visually stunning 3D locations and crack a mystery that will not only change Alexandra's life forever but has the potential to affect the entire world!


Hostile Makeover A Fashion Murder Mystery

Turn the modeling world upside down, literally, in Hostile Makeover - A Fashion Murder, a hidden object search based on the devilishly funny Crime of Fashion Mystery novel by Ellen Byerrum! Reality ugly-duckling turned supermodel swan, Amanda Manville, has just been killed. Who would carry out such a tasteless act? Follow Lacey Smithsonian, sassy reporter for the Eye Street Observer, through Washington D.C. and find out!

Escape Rosecliff Island Deluxe [PORT]

Descubra como fugir de uma ilha misteriosa no Escape Rosecliff Island Deluxe, um jogo de objetos escondidos diferente. Use seu olho clínico e destreza para resolver os quebra-cabeças e fugir ileso. Use as pistas para achar mais de 2100 objetos. Com gráficos e, três modos de jogo incríveis, o Escape Rosecliff Island Deluxe é um desafio único para os fãs de objetos escondidos. Fuja agora!

Amelie's Cafe Deluxe [PORT]

Gerencie um café e satisfaça seus clientes em Amelie's Cafe Deluxe, um novo jogo de gerenciamento de tempo. Ajude Amelie a manter os cozinheiros ocupados, os clientes satisfeitos e o café tinindo em mais de 50 fases de pura diversão. Com três interiores originais do café, grande variedade de cozinheiros e clientes e três modos de jogo, o Amelie's Cafe Deluxe vai lhe proporcionar diversão imediata.