domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

Build It Miami Beach Resort [BETA]

In Build it! Miami Beach Resort, you will build your own beach resort in the Miami Beach area.
Begin in the year 1920 with simple bungalows. Each level is a new year: wonderful art-deco hotels, the invention of the cinema, the first fast-food diner and - some decades later - giant hotels right on the beach. You design everything, as you like it! While doing so, complete the challenging tasks that you are assigned within each level.




Curling is a team sport where you have to slide heavy, polished stones down the ice towards the target. The closer your stone will be to the centre the better result you have. This computer version of Curling gives you a unique opportunity to try this interesting sport even if you don't have an ice arena nearby. Take part in a curling world cup and become a World champion in this challenging game. Have a good time!