domingo, 6 de setembro de 2009


Catch and 'sproink' falling crystals to save the Sproinklings in this light-action puzzle game with a fantastic three-color match play dynamic! Players encounter new challenges, intriguing puzzles, and tests of skill as they make their way through 100 Cavern Levels to an uncertain future on the surface of the planet Sproinkus. New Crystals and Power Ups are introduced throughout the game, engaging Players hour after hour. Sproink it!

Slyder Adventures

Our favorite spherical hero, Slyder®, returns in his latest topsy-turvy adventure. Guide Slyder, and three of his friends, through worlds packed with fun, excitement, peril and danger! Explore four vast worlds, each with unique characters and distinctive items, to help you in your quest!
* Over 150 Challenging Levels
* Unique Toe Tapping Soundtrack!
* 2 game modes: Exploration & Timed
* 30+ interactive objects and items

Horatio's Travels

Places to see! People to meet! Horatio simply can't seem to settle down with a whole world of possibility at his doorstep. The solution? He'll start his own ice cream stand to fund his wanderlust.A_B Follow Horatio on his globe-trotting adventure as he takes tasty treats to some of the wackiest customers on earth. Keep a level head and a steady eye on those orders, and you'll meet persnickety pirates, crusty penguins, ravenous cubs, and and the rest of their ice cream loving friends. Tour paradise and become the fastest scoop in the animal kingdom.

Defender Of The Crown: Heroes Live Forever

Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever is a simulation game with lots of challenging tasks and challenging game play. Travel to medieval England, explore its lands and feel the atmosphere of the epoch!
In Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever, you are the ruler of the English territories. Five treacherous lords intend to dethrone you and they are hatching out a plot against you. Can you defend your crown and stay in control? Build and command your own army of skilled knights and accurate archers, lead your people trough several battle-fields, fortify your castles and fortresses. Don’t let the lords take your power away! Raid the opponents, rescue princesses and plunder treasuries along the way.
Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever introduces numerous mini-games where you will be able to test you skills in sports of medieval England and partake in jousting and archery tournaments. Use various weapons like Greek fire and catapults. With its challenging game play, colorful graphics, tricky enemies and numerous mini-games, Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever will take you away to the medieval England, the land of knights and jousting.

Drawn: The Painted Tower Survey

A tyrannical king`s closest advisor and sorcerer has foretold of a gifted child who will be his undoing! The king has sent forth his men to round all the infants, but a young girl has been hidden in a tall tower at the distant edge of town. Years later, the king discovers the girl and places an evil spell on the tower. Help her escape his grasp and fulfill her destiny in this exciting Adventure game! Drawn – The Painted Tower will require you to use all your wits on this epic journey!