sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2009

AgentHugo Hula Holiday [PORTABLE]

He has created a force of robotized trash cans that pollute the islands in order to feed an army of fly-like creatures.
All beauty has been spoiled by the flies and the local flower-like inhabitants have gone underground.

Little Shop: World Traveler

 Little Shop - World Traveler is the latest installment in the acclaimed hidden object series. Hired by a mysterious client, it's time to span the globe in search of hidden object treasures. Search 16 scenes and discover who the mysterious client is.

Tory's Shop'n Rush

When Tory's uncle retires and leaves her his store, she wonders if she has what it takes to succeed in the retail game. Give Tory a hand by stocking shelves, cashing out customers, cleaningup after messy teenagers and helping old ladies remember what they want to buy. You'll also needto keep an eye on the thief or he'll steal your goods! Between shifts, you can spend the moneyyou earned on additional staff and upgrades for your store. Keep your customers happy in Tory'sShop 'n' Rush and you'll live to play another day!

Romance Of Rome

Romance Of Rome game opens as you learn that imperial relics are stolen and the Emperor promisesto marry his beautiful daughter to any person who brings them back. Only you can help Marcus findthe stolen relics and win the heart of the Emperor’s daughter.
Travel to every corner of the ancient city of Rome like Coliseum, Thermae, Forum and more, collect skillfully hidden items, earn money, get original trophies and complete challenging quests to earn love and worship of Roman citizens.

I Spy Fun House

Explore a carnival full of brain-teasing illusions in this Hidden Object game! Get ready to enter a topsy-turvy world where nothing is as it appears! Solve enigmatic puzzles and play multileveledgames to earn tickets for the Funhouse. The more tickets you earn, the more games in the Funhouse you'll unlock!

Hidden Magic


"Hidden Magic" appeal to all lovers of mystical tales and magical battles. A colorful game graphics immerse you into the world of magic and enchantment. Excellent musical accompaniment,three modes of play through, two of which are available immediately - all this you will find inthis amazing game.

Pop's Pipes

Plumb for fun with Pop's Pipes! Even if you've never held a wrench, this fast-paced connect-the-pipes game will amuse you for hours on end. Pop orders you to connect pipes that are falling from above! It's a crazy race against time to link pipes and score points. Loop four pieces to blow up surrounding pipes for extra board room. Create a chain reaction that knocks Pop's socks off. Track scores and make Pop blow a gasket ... show him who's really the boss!