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Delaware St. John: The Curse Of Midnight Manor-Vol 1

Meet Delaware St. John, a young detective with a unique gift for solving mysteries. Through an ability he cannot explain, he is contacted from beyond the grave by wayward spirits that seek peace and final justice.
Delaware is awakend late one evening to the cries of voices begging for his help. Just before midnight he finds himself in the rotting remains of the building once called Morrisville Manor. It's been abandoned for years with stories of hauntings and a history of strange, tragic events. It doesn't take long for Delaware to discover that the stories are true and it's up to him to set things right. But it will take more than brains to avoid being consumed by the Curse of the Midnight Manor. Something evil stalks Delaware through the halls of the decrepit building.

Aqua Snake

Addictive snake game. It has been around since to start of time, but it recently took off since it came as a standard for many cell phones. This game is back to the roots of the original version with a cheep plastic feel. The i...read more

Snake 2

There lives a water snake in a rippling pond deep in a peaceful forest. The forest teems with colorful magic berries. The berries drop into the pond are the favorite food for the snake. The snake has nothing to do but eats the berries one by one, all day and night, never stops. Every time the snake eats five berries in a row of the same color, something magical happens. The snake's life becomes wonderful...

Reel Quest

Grab your rod, hook your way to a fortune and get ready for some fishy tales of misadventure on the high seas.
Follow the pirate's treasure map on your search for the hidden gold. Avoid the sharks, electric eels and squids. Buy upgrades to help you reach your fishing quotas but make sure the greedy Angler Fish don't steal your catch! Arcade style action that's fun for all ages.

Road To Riches

Help Big John move his trucks to make a profit in this fast paced business venture game! Through 5 action-packed levels, you will rise from a simple local driver to managing a fleet of 8 trucks interstate. Spare-parts, human resources, advertising and finance must all be optimized to become the leader, while your lovely wife Claudia and experienced friend Andy help you along the way!


Aveyond Gates Of Nighth

Help Mel, a common street thief, get back an orb of great power from the vicious vampire, Gyendal. Steal back the relic and prevent an evil and dark prophecy from occuring! Gather together an unlikely band of friends and confront an ancient evil in Aveyond: Gates of Night.
Solve different puzzles, complete exciting quests, and much more, as you explore an enchanting world in this clever Strategy game.


Help friendly towns across the country generate clean power while you use technicians to make houses more energy efficient. Manage neighborhood growth carefully or you'll experience blackouts and unhappy renters!

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon is unlike other cats: he'd rather scour the planet for ancient artifacts and collect lost coins than enjoy the comforts of modern life. And he gets to do plenty of both in his thrilling debut adventure! He also encounters a lot of what he'd rather do without: dangerous creatures, deadly obstacles and treacherous traps!

Many Years Ago Evolution

Many Years Ago, an entire civilization was destroyed by the incredible eruption of the Boggo volcano, and now they need your help to rebuild their homes! Gather the necessary supplies and food as you gain members and advance their technology in this fun and exciting Strategy game. Customize your chief and master addicting minigames to progress your entire people even further into the future!

My Kingdom For The Princess

Guide a young princess on a challenging journey to her father's bedside, and reconstruct a ravaged fantasy land, in My Kingdom for the Princess, a one-of-a-kind adventure game. Helen has traveled far away from home to visit her uncle in his castle. Suddenly, tac-cm and kh-arm without warning, terrible tornadoes and a rather hungry dragon nearly destroy the idyllic kingdom. Helen survives the turmoil but her father, the king, was not so lucky. Now, anxious to get back home, Helen must set out on a perilous journey through a land of destruction and danger. Help the princess return home by clearing fallen trees, repairing roads, rebuilding shattered structures, and more. This unique time management adventure game features stunning full-screen graphics, an engaging storyline, surprises at every turn, and hours and hours of addictive fun. Check out this exceptional game with the free trial or download the full version of My Kingdom for a Princess and begin an incredible adventure you'll want to experience again and again.

Burger Time DeLuxe

Let the culinary capers commence as Namco serves up BurgerTime Deluxe for PC! Enjoy a full course in Story Mode, or just sit down for a light snack in Quick Mode. Use your assortment of ingredients to thwart the dastardly Vinnie Vinegar. Scale the platforms and assemble the burgers to clear the levels. Daze baddies with pepper or earn big points by squashing them with falling ingredients!

Artist Colony

Experience an exciting adventure of creativity in an all new casual SIM game, Artist Colony! An adventure begins as you explore the neglected canvas of a once thriving utopia of artists – the most pioneering creators of their time. Complete tasks and chores to transform the colony and inspire artists to return to this sanctuary of creativity. With specializations in sculpture, dance, music and more, it’s up to you to guide each individual as they practice their craft, deepen their skills and create masterpieces in their chosen fields. Keep temperamental artists inspired while maintaining and upgrading the colony itself. Guide their relationships, face rivals and uncover the mystery behind the original colonists and the shocking explanation of their hasty departure.

Nancy Drew: Dossier Lights, Camera, Curses

From the creators of the #1 selling-PC adventure games comes a new Nancy Drew story-driven casual series that is Fast Fun for Busy DetectivesTM. You, as Nancy Drew, have been invited on to the set of the remake of the classic movie ‘Pharaoh!’ to get to the bottom of press leaks and accidents that have the production schedule in jeopardy. Is someone trying to sabotage the movie or is it a curse from the original film?

1ª PARTE - 133.79MB

2ª PARTE - 125.72MB

Baixar as 2 partes para o jogo poder rodar.

Townopolis Gold

This build-a-lot game gives you a unique opportunity to create your own town. The citizens of your town must fell themselves comfortable, so you have to provide all the necessary services, like, hospitals, fire stations and police. In return for your excellent job, they will pay you taxes. All this money you can spend to develop and enlarge your town. The gameplay is so simple that even your small kids will master the game. Create your dream-town in the Townopolis: Gold strategy game!


Zoo Vet

Zoo Vet is the great game that introduces players to life at the zoo and gives them the ability to care for a diverse group of animals while interacting with entertaining characters. Travel around the zoo, performing check-ups on cuddly otters, dangerous lions, wobbly penguins, and hyper zebras. The more successful and knowledgeable you are, the more awards and praise you'll earn from team members. Download today and rise in ranks to become the zoo's most valuable vet!

The Game Of Life

Let’s play the game of life. All you need is a token for you, the player, and some other assorted pieces. Life is really the purest game there is - the object is simply to enjoy the game.
The rules are simple: you need to make sure you don’t run out of game pieces – food, water, shelter. With those things taken care of you may use whatever pieces you can keep to pursue happiness.
As played in modern times, the game has a catch: Somebody else owns all the pieces. Fortunately there is a key to putting them within reach - money.
Get some money and you can exchange it for the things you need to stay in the game and maybe things to help you get some enjoyment for your efforts. If you are clever, you can even cheat in some areas although I tend to object not only on moral grounds but also because life, like any game, isn’t fun if you cheat.


Brave Dwarves Back For Treasures

Join the brave dwarves, a Wizard and a Warrior, as they collect treasure and vanquish enemies in their quest to restore peace to their land! You'll travel through 100 fantastic levels as you explore the subterranean world that has been taken over by evil. Play as the Wizard or the Warrior, each with his own special skills and weapons. Make your choice and start your journey. Remember, the fate of many worlds depends on you...

7.33 MB

Subsea Relic

If what you crave for is a relaxing game experience, then join Kenny in his quest for treasures in Kenny’s Adventure - Scuba in Aruba. This wonderfully-crafted game comes to life as Kenny, a brave young man, sets out on an underwater journey to search for a family relic. Crowned with the Crystal of Destiny, this relic brought good luck to his grandfather until it was stolen by pirates and broken into peaces. Now these peaces rest in different parts of the world. Your mission is to help Kenny find all the peaces and restore the family relic. Upon the game launch, players will immerse themselves into wonderful underwater locals with exotic ocean flora, corals, and ruins of an ancient city in the background. These vibrant, cartoon-like visuals will accompany you all the way through sixty game levels in three diverse worlds. Along the way, you must collect different coins, gold, diamonds, and artifacts. The latter will be you key to the next level. Once you have collected all artifacts, the bathyscaphe will take you and Kenny to the next level. For all this seeming simplicity, the game may be a challenge at times. You will meet different ocean creatures like hermit crabs, sea urchins, and octopuses. Guide Kenny with caution because their sharp spines and strong tentacles can hurt him. In places where it’s impossible to walk, Kenny can swim. Jumping on a white jellyfish or on floating bubbles, Kenny can move up and reach for high places.
15.54 MB