segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009

Tasty Planet

Tasty planet - Playing with your food hasn't been this mesmerizing since you were in kindergarten! A homegrown experiment and the search for the ultimate bathroom cleaner go awry! You were created to eat up all of the germs and bacteria in a family's home, but nothing will satiate your voracious appetite! After eating everything in the house, you move into the town and eventually consume the entire planet! Will the universe be enough to satisfy you? You'll have to eat it to find out!

10 MB


The popular Astral Tournament, a turn-based online strategy card game, released by Alexey Stankevich's Apus Software in 2002, was embraced by players worldwide and received favorable reviews at game sites and game magazines. In April of 2006, Astral Tournament II went into preproduction and in June, Richard Garfield and Skaff Elias from Three Donkeys joined the project and the expanded game has evolved into Spectromancer.
Game features:
* Open your mind and discover your power. Build your character’s spells and abilities over time in the extensive single-player campaign filled with surprising challenges.
* Be first in your class. Master eight special spells per class, making each duel distinctly different.
* Unlock over 100 cards. As you explore the world, you add new spells and new allies to your side, each of which opens new strategic options to master.
* Simple to understand, difficult to master. An elegantly-designed battle system pits you against hundreds of scenarios of engaging tactical depth.
* Think fast! Go head to head with other masters in hotseat, LAN or online multiplayer battles.
* Gloat over your victories. Earn badges for your accomplishments and view them in your in-game profile.
* Online League. Check out the leaderboards so that you always know where you stand with the competition.

Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
DirectX 8
800 MHz

And Yet It Moves

Run, jump and rotate your way to success! And Yet It Moves is a puzzle-platformer set in a unique, ripped paper world. Within the paper collage, you evade obstacles, manipulate objects and use the world’s rotational physics to reach your goals. Only if you use all of your skills and the environment’s unique features can you master the many tricky situations you’ll encounter on your journey.

Requisitos do Sistema:
Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
1.6 Ghz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 60 MB
Video Card: Intel® gma950 128 mb or similiar with openGL 1.2 support
44.21 MB

Kivi's Underworld

Explore the mystery of Kivi's Underworld! Become a mighty warrior and battle opponents by using the Fire Mage or choose a path of adventure and play as one of 20 different characters! Can you save the lumen people and defeat a growing dark elf threat, before they destroy your homeland? With fast paced action, hordes of monsters to defeat, tons of powerups, numerous deadly traps, hundreds of secrets to discover and much more, the challenge is yours in Kivi's Underworld!

72.6 MB

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is the perfect partner for both fans of the movie and those of great games! Learn to Dance with Johnny and Penny. Create your own character and check into Kellerman's - you can buy new outfits and even add accessories to create your own custom look. Take part in over 10 great games as you learn the moves needed to compete in the End of Season Dance Competition, you can do it!

Customize your cabin.
Learn to dance.
Win the Dance Competition

Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB
DirectX: 6.0
Hard Drive: 73 MB
65.27 MB

The Mystery Of The Mary Celest

Follow Mary Morehouse as she joins guests and crew of the Mary Celeste II on its maiden voyage. When strange events start to happen, she must work to escape the ill-fated ship. Explore the mysterious theories behind the disappearance of the original Mary Celeste while trying to save Mary from a similar demise. Sail the seas in this haunting hidden object adventure aboard the Mary Celeste now!
*Solve puzzles and find needed items to save the two ships from disaster
*Explore the real life theories of the disappearance of the Mary Celeste's crew
*A mix of hidden object and adventure style gameplay


Autumn's Treasures The Jade Coin

Help Autumn find her grandfather’s treasures in this Hidden Object Adventure game! After receiving her inheritance, Autumn finds a mysterious journal page in Gramps`s antique store, and follows his clues across the globe to recover priceless antiques. Autumn`s Treasures contain ancient secrets, that only you can discover! Can you help Autumn recover the mysterious relics of her grandfather`s past?
* Gorgeous graphics
* Immersive gameplay
* Find Autumn`s Treasures
Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 8.1
Hard Drive: 120 MB

City Sights Seattle

Your Assignment: Get the scoop on the NEW way to seek & find the Emerald City’s famous landmarks and hidden gems! Complete bonus tasks from your editor to earn over 37 unique awards. With more than 50 celebrated locations to explore, can you meet your deadline?
Over 50 exquisite Hidden Object locations, with 5 variations of seek & find game-play and 10 challenging mini-games
NEW: seek, find and earn points by level of difficulty – easy, medium & hard
Achieve over 37 unique awards for completing bonus assignments
Get the scoop on Seattle’s scene & learn fascinating city facts
Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows XP/Vista/7
Pentium III 900MHz
64 Mb Video Ram
150 MB Hard Drive Space
DirectX 8.0+

Discovery A Seek & Find Adventure

Zoom in on exotic locations with your eye for Discovery! Rove around six international hotspots such as Spain, China, and Australia with your host, Jerry Landers, and the beautiful Jill Summers. Step up to the wheel and choose your daily adventure in this Hidden Object jaunt. Compete against 20 eagle-eyed contestants for a chance at the U.S. Roadtrip Jackpot Round. Stow away your passport and magnifying lens for a Discovery! A Seek & Find Adventure.

Requisitos do Sistema:

Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 8.1
Hard Drive: 106 MB

Abra Academy Returning Cast

Welcome to the second story about famous Abra Academy and its students!
There have been several strange attacks on Abra Academy. It seems that some unknown creatures have broken into the campus and are causing havoc! The children are frightened and the monsters are creating a huge mess. Wanda and her friends have been called in to investigate the attacks and find a way to stop them.
This is a classic hidden object game with Harry Potter - like plot and fun game play. Abra Academy 2: Returning Cast features 25 levels to master plus several mini-games with great graphics and music.
Use the Magic Ball for help
Fun and Familiar Gameplay
Hundreds of Hidden Objects
Attractive graphics and nice music
25 levels to complete

Strange Cases The Tarot Card Mystery

FBI Agent Claire Ellery has a knack for getting assigned strange cases. The latest—a triple kidnapping in a small, unknown town. But what initially seems like an open and shut case soon unravels into something much more sinister. Follow the tarot cards left by an anonymous source and search mysterious hidden object scenes for clues to help Agent Ellery rescue the kidnapped girls and stop an evil ritual in this chilling puzzle adventure game.
* Investigate hidden object scenes and clues
* Solve riveting mini-games

Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 7.0
Hard Drive: 120 MB