terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2009

Angela Young 2: Escape the Dreamscape

Angela Young is stranded in the treacherous and mysterious Dreamscape! With help from wizardcalling himself the Keeper of Dreams, she was able to progress through the dangerous maze, butstill has not found her missing cat, Felix. Explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and solve funpuzzles as you track down your lost friend and make it back to your home in Angela Young 2:Escape the Dreamscape.



This beautiful break-out experience will fill you with Celtic spirit! Discover the secrets of the Druids as you advance through the game, immersed in the sites and sounds of Musikapa. Unlock the totems of the deer, dog, lion, dragon, turtle and tiger and learn about their place and meaning in Celtic mythology. It a multi-sensory experience that shouldn't be missed!

Requisitos do Sistema:

Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Me

Memory: 128MB

DirectX: 8.0

Display: 3D Video Card

CPU: P 800Mhz


Zoombook The Temple Of The Sun

Challenge yourself with a new twist in puzzle games as you embark on an exciting adventure through a world of ancient temples and mysterious treasures. When a mysterious package arrives at the local university, two of the most renowned anthropology professors join forces to discover hidden clues and solve mind-boggling riddles. Time travel with them to the great Mayan culture of South America in search of the magic relic, ZoomBook, but beware of the mysterious villain that follows your every move. Wonderfully rich artwork, mind-boggling puzzles and a spellbinding mystery-filled storyline leave you with a sense of intrigue and suspense at every corner!

Requisitos do Sistema:

Windows 98/2000/XP/Me/98SE/Vista

Memory256 MB

CPU: P3 800




Strike Ball 3

Strike Ball 3 could be the most extreme 3D Breakout game ever created! The stunning graphics alone would be enough to propel the game to fame, but the realistic physics and outrageously animated levels are what will knock off your socks. Have you ever seen a Breakout game in which a tank tries to fend off attacking aliens? Or in which a giant robot fires an eye-popping array of laser bursts at swarming androids? Or in which you can bring a windmill crashing to the ground with a well-timed air strike? Featuring spectacular level design, wildly fun bonuses and powerful new weapons, Strike Ball 3 takes Breakout games to explosive heights!


Shangrila An Adventure With Words

Shangri La 2 Deluxe is an charming sequel developed by Zylom. This unique word game offers 100 different levels, customizable difficulty settings and very engaging graphics.Solve a series of word puzzles in which you remove lettered tiles to create words in order to recover the golden seals of Shangri La. The storyline is cute and the game play is easy to learn, if not always easy to play!


Peggle World Of Warcraft Edition

Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
500 MHz
DirectX 7.0

15.26 MB

Tower Bloxx DeLuxe

Reach for the skies in this wacky skyscraper construction game. In Tower Bloxx ™ Deluxe, your task is to build brand new homes for the Tower Toons ™ - funny little people who move in and turn on the lights before they even have a roof. As a renowned tower builder, you'll use funky physics to rebuild cities like Sycamore Vale. Align building blocks that swing precariously from the crane in this dynamic Puzzle game, Tower Bloxx ™ Deluxe.
3D skyscraper Puzzle game
Create Tower Toons homes
Build a booming town

Big Kahuna Words

Travel back to the islands as the reef comes back to life with a new word challenge! Dive between the Hammerhead Sharks and other aquatic life, breaking stone blocks with your words in an explosive twist on the hit puzzler. Discover the might of the Tiki Totem and earn rewards for your word-creation prowess in two great game modes. Explore an almost infinite number of underwater realms as you search for words hidden in each level. Even create your own challenges with the built-in level editor. It's all the fun and action of Big Kahuna Reef for word lovers!
Full Version Features:
* Unlimited Play
* Two Game Modes: Action and Relaxed
* Helpful Bonuses
* Built-In Editor
* Play with Friends and Family in the Mouse Party
Requisitos do Sistema:
Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
700 MHz
DirectX 8.1

Mystery Legends - Sleepy Hollow Deluxe [PORT]

Descubra os segredos assombrosos de Sleepy Hollow e do lendário Cavaleiro Sem Cabeça em Mystery Legends - Sleepy Hollow Deluxe, um horripilante jogo de caça objetos. Vasculhe cenários à procura de objetos estrategicamente escondidos e saiba o que aconteceu com vários habitantes de Sleepy Hollow, incluindo Ichabod Crane e sua amada Katrina. Visite Sleepy Hollow e entre nessa diversão assustadora!