segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2009

The Adventures Of Mary Ann Lucky Pirates

Take control of the entire Caribbean by becoming the King of the Pirates! Sail the dangerous seas and battle your way to the top in this gripping Match 3 game. Complete different quests, expand your arsenal, and collect powerful artifacts as you explore the Caribbean islands in multiple gameplay modes. Battle perilous pirates, outrageous octopuses, and sinister squids in Lucky Pirates!
* Gripping gameplay
* Huge world to explore
* Become king of the pirates!


Becky Brogan: The Epiphany of Demons [BETA]

Help Becky find the missing items.


Mystery Age The Imperial Staff Survey

After a powerful storm threatens your village, your father has decided to venture out in search of it`s cause. This exciting Hidden Object Adventure game will have you track down the pieces of the ancient Imperial Staff to stop the mysterious black rain, and save your father from an evil spirit! Explore the wilderness and solve perplexing puzzles as you search for this mythical weapon.


Avenue Flo [BETA]

Mysterious events are threatening DinerTown’s biggest wedding in history. As Flo, you will explore the town, interacting with neighbors that help you solve puzzles, collect missing items, and complete activities to set things right. Can you help Quinn save the wedding?

- Over 40 scenes to explore
- 20 in-scene puzzles or mini games
- Engaging story with full voice over
- Hear Flo’s voice for the first time

The Sultan's Labyrinth: A Royal Sacrifice [BETA]

Use your Hidden Object skills to help Tallis escape a mysterious labyrinth, and save Sultan Bahar’s soul! An evil genie has appeared the night before the sultan’s funeral, and has demanded to take him away. As the next in line to the throne, it is up to Tallis to defeat the genie by escaping his maze and reclaiming his father-in-law’s soul! Solve tricky puzzles and mysterious locks to make your way to freedom!