quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Pizza Deliciozo

Pizza Deliciozo enables you to open your very own Pizza restaurant. You start out in a small town with just a few recipes and basic kitchen equipment but once profits start rolling in you can relocate to greener pastures and upgrade your restaurant. In match 3 style you have to complete orders by clearing toppings off the board. These will go into the pizza on order and once it's completed you can upsell coffee and a salad for that extra buck. Use your money wisely by upgrading your equipment in time and by buying enough new recipes and treats to keep the customers happy. Not as easy as you may think but great family friendly fun for all ages! Download the free 30 minute demo by clicking the link above and convince yourself.

3 comentários:

  1. bom dia!! onde esta o link.. pra baixar este jogo

  2. Sil Cris

    Pronto, link arrumado, qdo acontecer de não aparecer o link, só clicar no retangulo logo abaixo do tamanho do jogo, estou arrumando todos os links, pois mudaram as configurações e sumiu o escrito download,mais o link continua la.

    Agradeço a participação e Bom Jogo


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