quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2009

Mad Caps

Mad Caps is a puzzle game almost as addictive as the sugary sweetness contained under the bottle caps you match up to fill the soda. If you've lost an hour or two to the contagious thrill of eliminating endless rows inJewel Quest Mad Caps will get you in a whole new way. The bottle caps flip from the screen as they are paired with matching flavors, gradually filling your soda straw to the point of full. When you get low on moves, zap non-matching caps with rayguns, blast them away with rockets, or transform them to the color you need with some friendly alien assistance. Collect letters to spell words, just like the games in 16oz bottles of old and score big with under the cap bonus prizes. Flip open the Mad Caps the next time you need a carbonated caffeine fix.


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